For People Who Haven't Made As Much Money On The Internet As They'd Like -- Yet!

Welcome to the Starving Marketer web site. This site exists for the benefit of people who want to make money on the Internet, but haven't quite figured out how...yet.  You'll find articles here about every aspect of online marketing, from affiliate programs to Google AdWords to building your own site to marketing and promoting, email marketing, direct mail marketing, etc.

Is This Site For You?

This site is intended for people with a variety of skills, knowledge, and experience:
  • The Newbie, who is not sure what to do, where to look for useful information (here!!), who to believe, what products to spend your money on. You haven't spent more than $100 on your online venture yet.

  • The Advanced Beginner, who maybe has tried a few things, in particular a few FREE things, but hasn't yet found a way to get the money coming in. Maybe you've unsuccessfully dabbled with SafeLists, FFAs, and Traffic Exchanges, and you're ready to move on. (Don't worry - the only people who make any money on those sites are the people who run them.)  You haven't spent more than a couple of hundred dollars so far.

  • The Intermediate - you're trying to make money as an affiliate marketer, maybe doing some Pay-Per-Click advertising. Maybe you have your own site, and you're making a little money with Google AdSense, but not enough to pay for the clicks driving traffic to your site.

  • The "I Can't Believe I'm Not Making Any Money Yet!"  You feel like you've tried everything, and you STILL aren't successful. You still don't wake up in the morning and check your email to find out you made a full day's wages in your sleep. You still don't get to "go to work in your pajamas".  You still haven't used your Internet "income" to buy a new house and a new car.  You've probably spent several hundred or several thousand dollars, and you're frustrated wondering what have to do to Make It on the Net.

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